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Diet Program and Planning for Weight Lose 20 kg Per Month

Diet Program and Planning of Weight Lose

There are some methods to reduce weight when we use them not only lose weight but also strengthen the will power. If we follow these rules and methods I sure weight may be lose 15 to 20 kg in one month.

Complete Planning

  1. First of all set your time table of meal.
  2. Drink 12 glass of water.
  3. If feel hungry besides food timing then message to your thumb for 10 minutes of both hand. Feeling of hunger will be end (Inshallah).
  4. In the early morning’ takes two spoon of “Ispghol ki bhosi” in the one glass of water unless skin of face is clear and shining.
  5. Minimum half hour walk fast and steer climber use for one hour.
  6. Eat food slowly.

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Diet Program

  • On Breakfast: One boiled egg and tea without sugar. If feel more hunger than may take one orange or apple.
  • 11 o’clock: If feel hunger than you may take cucumber, tomato and one banana.
  • On Lunch: Soup of any vegetable, if you want to add chicken in this soup then allow it but red meat not allowed adding in this soup.
  • 4 o’clock: any seasonal fruit may take like pears, apples, carrots, damson and papaya, take tea without sugar.
  • 8 o’clock: Only one cup boiled rice with any green vegetable.
  • This program is only for 3 days.
  • Fourth and Fifth days in lunch instead of soup you may take salad with lemon.
  • Fifth Day in Dinner boiled chicken or one bread with light shorba.
  • This program may be repeated after two days of break but in two days take food with care.

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