Sense and Feelings in diet and workout!

About many doctors opinion “during workouts don’t over exert yourself. Twenty (20) to Forty (40) minutes workout and 3 to 4 times in a week is enough to boost for your metabolism and for your body toning.

Accurate Alignment and Posture

It is remember your accurate Posture during squats, lunges, bicep, planks and tricep curls and any exercise is very important. Check the accurate knee heel alignment for squats. Example if you bring your knee too forward you can hurt it plus your tush is not getting the working condition.

Make your cardio more effective by doing them which maximum speed you manage. So your heart rate between 130 to 150. It is depending for your age and stamina. If you feel pain and stress then stop exercise immediately. Its mean you must have done something wrong, it may be wrong posture.

Accurate Posture
Accurate Posture

Know Accurate Your Posture

In the Gym or Home, treadmill is more help for accurate your posture. When you use your treadmill look yourself in the mirror and notice if you are slouching. Are your shoulders square extra and your spine is erect and straight, your tummy pulled in but breath normally don’t hold your breath.

Diet Control With Sense

When you are start dieting then you don’t starve yourself to burn calories and also keep in mind all food components in your diet. If you burn all extra (fast) foods and refined sugars from your daily food, you should give yourself extra nutrition through healthy diet to be able to daily work and go through your normal life.

Fasting Workout

There is universal rule that do any exercise after your meal because before breakfast your metabolism is slow and your body is not fat burning mode. During your empty stomach your muscle is lose and not fat burning. First you get up and get ready mood. And take pre-breakfast after 15 minutes take breakfast you do your exercise.

Your take some carbs in the breakfast in the form of cereals and fruits. After the breakfast you have to wait at least 30 to 40 minutes before your walk and exercise. After exercise/ workout you take protein post workout before meal.

It is also explain those people who complaining they are not getting results even after workout. Please educate yourself and do others on the right way to get better result.

Diet Plan & Workout
Diet Plan & Workout

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