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Recipe of Chicken Handi

Recipe of Chicken Handi
Recipe of Chicken Handi

Recipe of Chicken Handi

Chicken Handi is very famous and popular dish. This dish is the specialty of some hotel and restaurants. Try delicious chicken handi in your home for your family, guests and friend on your dinner party. It is rich recipe with its special taste. It is mouthwatering taste by name.



Chicken boneless                ½  Kg cut into small cubes

Water                                   3 cups

Garlic (crushed)                    1 tea spoon

Onions  (sliced)                     3 medium

Salt                                        To taste

Small cardamom                   3

Chili                                       ½ tea spoon

Turmeric powder                   ¼ tea spoon

Tomatoes                               2

Ghee                                      2 table spoone

White pepperr                       ¼ tea spoon

Small cardamom                   3


Oil / Ghee                             ¼ cup

Garlic crushed                      ½ tea spoon

Yogurt                                  1 table spoon

Tomatoes                             2

Chili Powder                         1 tea spoon

White cumin                         ½ tea spoon

Salt                                       to taste / 1 tea spoon

White pepper                      ¼ tea spoon

Crushed red chili                 ½ tea spoon

White pepper                      ¼ tea spoon

All spice powder                 ½ tea spoon

Roasted Cumin                   ½ tea spoon

Yellow color                        a pinch

Soya sauce                          1 tea spoon

Chili sauce                           1 tea spoon

Fresh cream                         2 table spoon


Butter                                   2 ounce

Almonds                              6 (boiled and grind)

Coconut                               1 table spoon

Green chili                            3 medium

Coriander leaves                   2 table spoons

Cooking Method


For Onion Mixture, boil sliced onion in water, crushed garlic, green cardamom, salt, chili powder, turmeric powder, and white pepper. After 20 to 25 minutes remove from stove and add ghee. Cool this mixture and blend.


Then add yogurt into this mixture and blended tomatoes. In other pot heat oil/ ghee, add crushed garlic with white cumin seeds, fry all the things till light golden. Then whipped yogurt, chili powder, crushed red chili, white pepper, roasted and crushed cumin, all spice powder, food color and salt, fry and fry till oil and masala is separate. Now add chicken cubes, soya sauce, and chili sauce. Cook it until oil/ ghee comes on top. Then add cream and remove from stove.


Heats the butter in any pan and add blended onion mixture and cook for some while or butter comes on top and then add cooked chicken mixture and mix well. Add 2 table spoon butter crushed almonds, coconuts, coriander leaves and green chilies. Cover and cook in light flame for 8 to 10 minutes. Chicken handi is ready to eat and served.

Preparing Time: 25 Minutes       Cooking Time: 45 to 50 Minutes                                Serve 5 to 6 persons

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