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Recipe of Chicken Korma Degi

Degi Chicken Korma
Degi Chicken Korma

Recipe of Chicken Korma Degi

Korma is a very delicious dish normally in every home almost. Korma has its own taste and texture if it made in Deg then homemade Korma. Now viewer and reader can get same taste in home use this recipe. It is very delicious and yummy tell me after check.


Chicken                                 1 Kg

Onion                                    1 Large

Red Chilly (Grind)                  1 ½ tea spoon

Gram Masalah (Grind)           1 tea spoon

Ghee                                     1 Cup

Yogurt                                   1 Cup

Cloves   (Grind)                     6

Degi Mirch                           ¼ tea spoon

Coriander Powder                1 table spoon

Green and fresh Coriander

½ bunch

Ginger & Garlic Paste           1 table spoon

Ginger (Sliced)                      2 table spoon

Green cardamom                  6

Black cardamom                   4

Salt                                        1 tea spoon or to taste

Black peppercorn (Grind)      4

Kewra                                    1 tea spoon

Jaifal (Powder)                      ¼ tea spoon

Cooking Method:

Heat ghee in fry pan and put in the onion for light brown after that remove it and then blend fried onion and yogurt. Add washed chicken in that ghee and fry until light color and put out in plate.

In a small bowl with little water mix all these things (ginger garlic paste, degi mirch, salt, red chilli powder, coriander powder).  Now put these spices in the ghee along with green cardamom. Fry for little while and oil comes on the top.

Now add chicken in fried masala cover it cooks for 10 to 13 minutes. After this add yogurt mixture, Jaifal powder, garam masala powder, ginger, black peppercorns and black cardamom and then cover and cooked. In the end add kewra and cook for two minutes and garnish with green coriander. After that serve it to your guests.

Prepare Time: 15 Minutes,          Cooked Time: 25 to 30 Minutes                 Serves: 5 to 7 Persons

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